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What is more important Web Design or Web Development?


What is more important, the way a website look (Web Design) or SEO (Web Development)?

For me it depends on the target market as well as the purpose of the website.

You can still get visitors to your website without SEO by means of word of mouth, social media links and other traditional marketing methods, some website serves purely as online portfolios, in those cases design is more important than SEO.

When the main purpose of a website is to generate leads online, SEO becomes crucial and depending on the service they offer, it could be more important than design. Would you call a plumber to fix your toilet even if their website looks like it was last updated in the 90’s?  – I would, to me it means they have been in the business since the 90’s – I see experience and I think reasonably priced.

On the other hand, in industries where people shop with their eyes, like Graphic design, Landscape architecture, clothing design and such, the design could be as important as the on-page SEO. In cases like these, good or bad design would also impact indirectly on a websites ranking (SEO) via bounce rate.


In conclusion, I think that the importance of the Design and development depends on a number of factors, but when the purpose of a website is to get leads from the internet, they need to work together to get the best results.


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