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Organic SEO Keyword Tips


How do I get on the first page of Google?

Don’t get me wrong…

The single most important factor to get your page UP THERE, is good quality content, but it all begins with well chosen keywords…

5 Essential Organic SEO Keyword Tips:

1) Do your homework before selecting your keywords.
Find out who you will be competing with for a spot on the first page. If you can not afford to throw as much money and time into those keywords – and believe me they throw a good deal of that- try for a less competitive set of keywords. After all it is better to be found on a medium or low competitive keyword than to end up somewhere between page 50 and oblivion using a highly competitive one.
2) Choose your Domain name with your keywords in mind. Example if one of your priority keywords is ‘Personalised Gifts’ try to get a Domain name such as PersonalisedGifts-Company.co.za or PersonalisedGiftsCompany.co.za – the jury is still out on this, but it certainly wont hurt.
3) Create your Page titles with your “Keyword set” in mind.
4) Repeat the keyword – which is also your page title – in the first paragraph on the page, then repeat it a couple of times in your – presumably- well written content. Watch for keyword density; 3-5 repeats in 300 words should do it.
5) Highlight your main keywords by making them bold or italic.

Organic SEO is not an exact science; Google changes its algorithms too often for that, but following these simple keyword tips should give you a good platform from which you can build on.

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