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What is more important Web Design or Web Development?

What is more important, the way a website look (Web Design) or SEO (Web Development)? For me it depends on the target market as well as the purpose of the website. You can still get visitors to your website without SEO by means of word of mouth, social media links […]

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The role of a Content writer in digital marketing – part 2

The content writer and digital marketing Hey Lovies! As promised, today I am bringing you the second part of “The role of a content writer in digital marketing”. In the first part we discussed and found out that there is more to content writing than just writing a couple of […]


Marketing Quotes

15 Great Marketing Quotes:   “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.”-Karen Lamb   “Good branding without a good business plan is like prettying up a duck with no feathers.  It may look good but it ain’t gonna fly.”  Paul Provost   “If you’re not failing now […]

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Quiz

Digital marketing Quiz: Try another Quiz? – Social Media Marketing Quiz   Quiz designed by the Website Development team.   Discuss all your Digital Marketing needs with us.