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The role of a Content writer in digital marketing – part 2

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The content writer and digital marketing

Hey Lovies!

As promised, today I am bringing you the second part of “The role of a content writer in digital marketing”. In the first part we discussed and found out that there is more to content writing than just writing a couple of paragraphs and labelling yourself as a content writer.

Today I’m going to discuss the more creative and practical roles of content writing. You might even find that require you to go back in time and hone in on the art skills your learnt in kindergarden, as well as any marketing skills you have been taught along the way.


So what are these creative roles?


To be promoters

Yes, they become more than just a writer who writes content and edits it, they become promoters/publicist and advertisers. Whilst becoming these, they still need to make sure that their SEO optimization gets their content ranks well and drives traffic to the page.

They then use their promoting/advertising skills and go out and spread the word, either by using word of mouth or their social media.

Content writers need to constantly produce content that interests their audience, so they continue browsing the internet to find information that will keep their audience interested.

They need to understand their target audience, knowing which strings to pull to get their full attention, i.e. by knowing what their target audience would like to read.

Remember: writing is for readers, not the content writer, not their brand nor their company.

To be designers

When a content writer puts together a piece for a website, blog, or newsletter, they don’t just have to make sure that the content is written well or that they have used the right organic SEO. It also has to be nicely formatted and properly displayed on the screen. Compatibility should also be taken into consideration, i.e. whether your target is for mobile phones, tablets, desktops or all three.

They need to make sure that pictures are put in the right places and that all headings and subheadings are orderly put in a clever way. This can make your content look more interesting and can make your reader give your text a little more attention.

A good content writer can take any complicated idea and turn it into an easily digestible and accessible piece of copy that pleases readers, and keeps more eyes on it. From my experience, I would suggest maybe taking a foundation course in Web design to make sure they know everything about designing and make plain old text look like heaven.

Udactity offers free online web design courses that are great for getting you started.

To be original

Content is a writer’s reputation.

Any content, writers post with their name on it should be original and should reflect how they feel and who they are.

There are many other content writers around the world writing about the same topic so their work should mirror themselves and their work should be easily noticeable that it is written by them.

Good content writing should bring a unique voice, different perspective or new light to an overworked subject. Plagiarism is bad for SEO, the company and the writer. So content writers always have to protect their reputation and their career by taking different steps, to see if there’s no duplicated writing. With all the content out there, it’s very easy to accidentally duplicate writing.

CopyScape is a good free online tool which allows you to check for duplication. It also has useful information regarding plagiarism.

To be Social Media specialists

Name recognition is very important in the long run.

Social media puts everything a content writer needs within their grasp. They can build their audience, meet publishers and talk to industry experts. When their writing is published, they send it out to their social media handles so that their followers can read their content and most likely, recommend it.

Successful content writers are active, public and friendly so that they can promote their work to their followers and get more readers and traffic.

And that’s it…the 7 roles of a content writer.

I hope you have found my article useful and that you now have more insight into what being a Content Writer involves.


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