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Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO services

What are Organic SEO services?


Website Organic SEO services

Is the practice of optimising elements, on and off the page, on behalf of a customer. This is done in order for their website to achieve a higher ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages(SERP). SEO services can broadly be divided into two main camps: Organic SEO and PPC advertising.

Organic SEO:

“On-Page” Organic SEO

On-page SEO refers to best practices that organic SEO services companies and site owners can follow to ensure their content is as easily discoverable as possible. This includes for example, the creation of detailed page metadata (data about data), and elements such as images, the use of unique static URLs, the inclusion of keywords in relevant headings and subheadings, and the use of clean HTML code, to name a few.

“Off-Page” Organic SEO

Unlike on-page SEO techniques, off-page SEO refers to strategies that affect the site as a whole. Common off-page SEO techniques include link building and link exchange, content marketing, submissions to directories and search engine indexes, and the creation of online communities on social media (Social Media Marketing campaigns). Although the full scope of SEO is far too broad to cover here, what you need to know is that SEO focuses primarily on achieving higher rankings from an organic SEO perspective.

Businesses may hire an organic SEO services company or an SEO professional to perform their SEO work, but beyond this fee, no further money changes hands and all the emphasis is placed on ranking more highly in organic search.

SEM – PPC advertising

Sponsored links such as those appearing at the top of Google Search pages – with the little “sponsored” flag next to it – is a good example of paid for SERP ranking. The amount that a website has to pay is based on an auction bid principles – the more you are willing to “bid” for a keyword, for example Google Adwords, the higher it will appear on Google’s SERP.

You could pay per view, click or conversion. Though this is a sure way to get on top of a search engine’s results page, it could be very costly (depending on how competitive the chosen keywords are), and research has found that only around 7% of internet search users click on sponsored links. Subconsciously, users seems to trust organic SEO search results by far more. On the other hand 7% of possibly thousands of internet users searching for those keywords it could still well be worth it.

The Website Development team recommends the use of paid advertising in the cases where it is a new site and the website owner is in a hurry to be noticed. Even though Organic SEO is free, if you do it yourself, getting a good SERP ranking the Organic SEO way, can take a lot of time and effort.


Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO
Beware of SEO services companies that promise first page results with minimal effort and without having great content. They might get you there, but it will not be for long, as Google’s algorithms are wise to all those tricks. When they pick up on it they will blacklist your site; they might even remove your website from their Index in totality. By then the SEO Services company might have left with your money.


There are three common algorithms implemented by Google that you may have heard of:

  • Panda is a set of algorithm changes that has been implemented since February 2011. It specifically tries to lower the rank of low quality websites that have little or no unique content. It promotes sites that are rich in original, unique and useful content and therefore provides a decent user experience.
  • Penguin was first released in April 2012 and was implemented by Google to lower the rank (or blacklist) websites that use black-hat SEO techniques – specifically low quality link building schemes.
  • There is a relatively new algorithm called Hummingbird, which allows users to search Google more accurately by asking questions. It pays attention to the meaning of the sentence, rather than the individual words. Yes you could be penalised by Hummingbird, but for most it’s unlikely, and besides Google say that original and high quality content is still key.

The Website development team builds our sites applying solid “white-hat” organic SEO principles that is based on extensive research, not “cheat sheets”. When you partner up with us, we are in it for the long haul.

How do I get on the first page of google?

If you would like to check if a site has been blacklisted, visit http://www.bannedcheck.com/, type in the URL and click search…

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